Is Remote Working Productive or Not ?

For starters it's found to be more productive, saves time and cuts down expenses!


6/10/20211 min read

The pandemic has shown people a hidden and untapped side to their perseverance, resilience and potential.

In the business and work environments it has caused both employers and employees to adjust their work on remote mode. 

So we must all really thank Technology, for without it remote working would not be possible.

While the vaccination is under an ongoing process, most companies are sticking to working from home.

This way of working has caused employees to rethink and strike a balance in their work-life priorities .

So with a strong internet connection, most Maldivians living in Male' would love to grab a hold of this opportunity to move away from their compact and congested living spaces.

It would be an added advantage to work in one of the spacious homes built in beautiful settings of the local Islands. 

This constant urge to break away from all this noise and pollution has led some of us to search for new possibilities. 

From a survey conducted it was found that 61% of workers are of the opinion that their productivity increased from working remotely.

A survey of managers found 32% of them saw overall productivity rise as of late April 2020.

Surely this is an indication for employers to rethink on reduction in their operations costs! How they can best work with professionals and create teams! Remote work has freed up relocation opportunities!

These productive effects will only further develop as people adapt more to remote work, new technology is invented, and people will start remote businesses.