How to eliminate the 5 mindsets that poison opportunities for peak success.

Wealth coach Derek Moneyberg shares his ‘simple, but not easy’ tips for hitting life goals.


6/10/20215 min read

Money is a mindset game,” said Derek Moneyberg.

Moneyberg is world-renowned for his tough love, no-fluff coaching style. For the past several years, Moneyberg has been making moves with his coaching company, working with thousands of clients in person during hundreds of live workshops he has hosted all around the globe. Additionally, he has mentored millions online through his social platforms. His clients come from all corners of the world to learn how to fix their finances and get situated firmly on the path to building long-term wealth.

According to Moneyberg, your mindsets and habits determine your success. He stresses the importance of tuning your mindset to reflect your goals and vision. “If you have big goals, which all my clients do, your mindsets need to align with that ambition,” Moneyberg said. “You can’t be putting in average work weeks if you want to own a jet. That 40-hour workweek mindset doesn’t jive with jet ownership.”

Sounds simple right? Yes, according to Moneyberg, it is simple, but not easy. Consciously understanding what you need to do versus actually doing it are two very different things.

Being a globe-traveling wealth coach has given Moneyberg a unique edge in understanding why few people reach peak success and most flounder in mediocrity for their entire lives. He has met and coached thousands of successful individuals, all living in dozens of different cultures all around the world. “I’ve worked with thousands of people in dozens of different countries, and all of them are operating in vastly different social, economical and political environments. After putting that much data in my head, I would have to be an idiot to not see patterns of human success and failure.”

Moneyberg continued, “In my experience, mindset is the difference maker. Your mindset is the operating system on which your daily habits run. I’m not a savvy tech guy, but from my understanding, you need to program your computer’s operating system to do what you want it to do in every possible scenario. Your mindset is no different. You must program it correctly, so you have the relentless discipline to focus and execute for the years it takes to realize your big goals.”

Today, Derek Moneyberg offers his pragmatic advice on how we can program our human operating system, and cement a winning mindset in our brain with these top 5 mindsets you must eradicate from your mind before they poison your potential and kill your chances to make big money.

Dream-crushing mindset 1: Succumbing to the demands of short-term emotions

“Your emotions are not your friend” is a Moneyberg mantra that he has been reminding his audience of for years. Moneyberg does not care about his clients’ short-term emotions, not one bit. He does, however, care very deeply about his clients long-term results.

“When your emotions tell you to watch that mind-numbing TV show, and to put off your success until tomorrow, you need to fight that force, tune the noise out and get back to work.”

Dream-crushing mindset 2: Not giving yourself credit for your legitimate value

“Often, when I coach my clients on negotiations and communication, I can smell that they don’t believe they are worth it. When you walk into any negotiation, be it for money, favor, access or anything you want in life, you need to know your value.”

“Many of my clients,” he added, “are highly intellectual and ambitious, and it astounds me how often they fail to recognize how rare those two traits are in a human, and how valuable that combination makes them.”

Moneyberg goes on to explain that 99% of the world is happy with the status quo. They don’t push beyond what is required, and they will never put in the work necessary to solve a substantial problem for others.

So, the next time you are in that salary negotiation, give yourself some credit for your smarts and your drive to do your job well. You are in the top 1% of value in the labor market. Negotiate like it.

Dream-crushing mindset 3: Making excuses

Successful people don’t spend their time and energy thinking up excuses; they are too busy solving problems and chasing down their dreams. They have a laser-focus on what they want and what they need to do to get it.

“Allowing your mind to find excuses rather than to find solutions is a surefire path to failure. High performers never have this trait,” Moneyberg said, “They, like Hannibal once said, ‘will either find a way or make one.’”

Here’s the Moneyberg solution: “When you run into a hard problem or roadblock, and your brain wants to give up, pivot your efforts and work on a different problem for a bit. Then, you can come back later and attack the original problem with a fresh outlook. You always want to have multiple projects you are pushing forward so you can jump back and forth.”

Dream-crushing mindset 4: Living in the mind’s comfort zone

“You have to resist your human inclination to follow the herd. The road to success is paved with obstacles and challenges. If you do what the masses are doing, you are going to run into more of them. You should stand out in the market to get attention and build your business. You need to invest your capital in contrarian ways if you want big wins.”

Moneyberg elaborates on strategies you can employ, like seeking out other people’s opinions, reading books unrelated to your industry, and overall taking the risk of venturing down a different path.

You will never get anywhere until you get out of your comfort zone and start your trial-filled journey. The mistakes are all part of the process. Make them, learn and move forward.

Dream-crushing mindset 5: Having apathy toward intelligence, or not being a lifelong learner

“If you aren’t learning something new every day, you’re falling behind. The world is changing at a faster rate than ever before. More and more people are connected every day via the web, and you are competing with every single person on the Earth,” said Moneyberg.

“Some kid with a crappy laptop in Bangladesh is building a software that is about to make your job obsolete. If you aren’t learning the right skills, keeping up with global economic changes, and honing your human ability to influence, negotiate, invest and solve new problems, you will be crushed by your competition.”

This is a big one for Moneyberg, and he certainly practices what he preaches. His premium courses are packed with hours upon hours of university-level education, and he is known for delivering marathon sessions of dense insights during his live training calls.

There you have it, five evil forces for your mind to battle. Ridding yourself of these mindsets takes time, and it takes a team. Moneyberg always recommends getting expert guidance, forming bonds with ambitious friends and building a quality network to help you build your success. “It’s easy to fall off when you’re alone and you feel like your goal is too far away. To keep energized, you want to set up peer accountability mechanisms and small milestones to motivate you along your path. You and your peers will feel rejuvenated every time you achieve a short-term goal together.”

According to Moneyberg, once you have your mindset right, unlimited energy and sickening work ethic will follow.

“Your goals don’t care if you’re tired. Your competition loves it when you slack off, as they use every second you waste to outwork you and crush your future dreams. Life, like it or not, is a vicious competition where only those who deserve success will make their way to the top of the food chain. After you completely comprehend that fact of nature, and your mindset syncs up with your desire to be one of those few who makes it to the top, that is when superhuman work ethic kicks in.”

That’s all the Moneyberg wisdom we have for you today, you’ve got to go get your mind right.

Derek Monerberg is an entrepreneur, live speaker and wealth coach.

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